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Enables customers to watch puja rituals live and get queries on Gemstones & Diamonds solved by renowned Astrologer
Pankaj Khanna

2nd, April, 2018: In an attempt to offer the best quality Gemstones & Diamonds to all its customers and deliver transparent proceedings, Khanna Gems Pvt. Limited, a pioneer in the Gemstone business, has launched a live streaming platform, Gem Selections™ LIVE. The live platform that was launched on 31st March 2018; Hanuman Jayanti was inaugurated with LIVE Puja of Lord Hanuman. Developed by Gem Selections, Khanna Gems Private Limited, the new platform represents the company’s focus on technology innovations that can
enable customers to make an informed decision on every purchase of a Gemstone.

All those buying Gemstones from Gem Selections can get them energized through Abhimantaran Puja free of cost and watch the rituals taking place live on the new platform. For all the queries generated on Gem Selections™ Forum, Pankaj Khanna, a renowned Astrologer and the Founder & MD of Gem Selections, Khanna Gems Private Limited will offer live answers every day at 9.00 pm IST. Gem Selections™ LIVE will also stream LIVE events which Gem Selections conducts periodically such as the Abhimantaran of stones, other Vedic pujas,exhibitions, etc.

Commenting on the newlylaunched platform, Pankaj Khanna,
Khanna Gems Pvt. Limited, said, “The new LIVE platform has been launched to ensure transparent and 100 per cent reliable services for all the customers located in India and in foreign lands. With fake Gemstones being rampantly sold both online and offline, we want to guide buyers throughout their Gemstone purchasing process. People are often skeptical of buying Gemstones online, but we ensure that all the Gemstones are sold with an appropriate Government Lab Certificate. By going live, all our customers can be assured of honest dealings and complete transparency.”

The Gem Selections™ Forum is an online community that was developed
by Gem Selections for the users to discuss their queries regarding Gemstones, Astrology, Diamonds & Jewellery. Gem Selections runs a blog offering people useful information on the different types of gemstones and its benefits. Users can also interact with each other, send personal messages and earn points for answering the questions.