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Who today does not know Apple’s Owner Steve Jobs who had created Apple, today you will be talking about the Apple company’s Fact, These are 8 fun Apple Company Facts, so let’s start

1. Apple was founded in 1976 on the date of April Fools (Stupid Day).

2. Apple was the picture of Newton in the first logo. Not so much Apple’s product name was also Newton. Before the iPhone arrived, Apple used to sing the product of the product. But as the iPhone came, Jobs ended Apple and Newton’s relationship.

apple logo
3. The third man employed in Apple is Indian.

4. Apple has approximately 83,000 employees in the world. Employees of Apple headquarters earn $ 125,000 a year. Apple company earns $ 600,000 every two minutes.

5 .. If you want to buy an iPhone part by part in 1991, it costs $ 3,560,000.

6. Apple’s app is the most downloaded in the world. Over 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple Store.

7. Steve Jobs became the millionaire at the age of 25 on the apple company alone.

8. If APPLE’s iPhone is fully charged once a day, then it will consume $ 0.25 per year in a year