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Moscow, Russia, March 30, 2018 — Grenada celebrated its 44th anniversary of independence. The celebration of the Independence Day of 2018 was held under the motto “One People, One Country. Our Responsibility.” The Grenada Embassy was opened in Russia on August 1, 2017 and became the first official representation of the Caribbean countries in our country.

“Our two countries have different cultures. Therefore, we aim to introduce the citizens of Grenada to Russian culture, and vice versa. One of the most important prospects for bilateral relations is opening of a trading house, thanks to which the products from Grenada will enter the Russian market, including nutmeg, cocoa beans, rum.”, Oleg Firer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation said.

During the reception, guests were surprised with an unusual performance: under the guidance of an energy-abstractionist painter, winner of the Fashion TV Awards “The Best Artist of the Year – 2017” Anastasia Shchipanova, guests created an energy portrait of Grenada. Each guest could take his part and paint part of the future painting during the celebration.

“The performance was very active, in a friendly atmosphere. Creation of an energy portrait really captivated the ambassadors and other participants of the reception. In creating a portrait, I decided to use colors of the national flag of Grenada. These are yellow gently merging into green, a soft combination, bright yellow and green splashes of color, just as sunny Grenada. It is surprising that at the end of the celebration of the anniversary of the independence of Granada, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Keith Mitchell, sent an electronic congratulation in exactly the same colors as my painting: in yellow and green color tones. This really surprised and delighted Oleg Firer, the ambassador of Grenada in Russia. No wonder they say that creative people catch one inspiration for everyone. Confirmation of these words is that evening where we could see how this official invitation is similar to the painting created on that day. Guests of the evening approached the painting with sincere interest to ask about the technique of painting and created a wonderful atmosphere for creativity.

I am really happy that the painting will be in the embassy and occupy a place of honor there. I also want to note the motto “One People, one country and one responsibility”, which became the theme of the event. We all must follow this idea. To be hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, regardless of race, religion, age, skin color and any ideology”, the artist Anastasia Shchipanova shared her impressions of the evening.

Schipanova Art
Moscow, Russia