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Hollywood, CA-03-26-2018 – Punch TV Studios is now giving Mexico’s residents an exclusive opportunity to own stocks in a movie and television production company.

Mexico can now invest in Punch TV Studios for only $5 a share. At its low cost and no barriers to invest, Mexicans shouldn’t think twice about investing in this success-driven American company while this offer is still available.

Never before has an American production and broadcast company been so accessible for Mexican residents to become a part of. At only $5 a share, the people of Mexico can begin creating generational wealth for their future families as well as their current families. Owning stock and its potential for wealth has never been easier and more affordable to obtain for Mexicans.

Punch TV Studios is excited about the opportunity to partner with its Mexican neighbors and give them a chance at becoming part of something revolutionary that will change their lives and financial future.

With financial mastermind and industry trailblazer at its head, Joseph Collins, CEO, is leading Punch TV Studios on its way to the top. Collins is passionate about launching a multi-billion-dollar company and works diligently to ensure its shareholders and Punch TV Studios are a growing success. Collins states: “Punch TV Studios is definitely upward bound.”

Since the beginning of the year, “Punch TV Studios has decided to take advantage of new opportunities by raising $500 million dollars in direct funding at $5 dollars per share,” stated Collins.

The team at Punch TV Studios looks forward to building new relationships with the Méxican community. With the new expansion and their zest for boosting an innovative company into a multi-billion-dollar corporation, Punch TV Studios welcomes investors to join in on igniting the magic!

To invest in Punch TV Studios at $5.00 per share visit
For additional information or to secure an interview with Punch TV Studios CEO, Mr. Collins, please contact “Punch TV PR” via email: or by phone: (310) 419-5914.