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Origen Cacao is a Chocolate Factory present near Barbosa. Started in 2015, they manufacture various kinds of Cacao products in their factory and sales in the wholesale price to many countries. And now, they also have started an Eco Resort and Medellin tour service for the interested visitors and tourists. With years of living experience and locals help, they offer the best vacation and tour in and around the Medellin and Barbosa.

Medellin Tour

Medellin is one of the well-known cities in Colombia. There are many kinds of attractions in and around the Medellin to make it as one of the amazing tourist places in South America. History of many people like Pablo Escobar and artists like Fernando Botero and Pedro Nel Gómez and their museums and also other amazing parks will provide the tourist to know the brief about the place culture and past history. And also to suppress the adrenaline, there some activities to do like Paragliding, rock climbing, ATV’s ride and lots more. The beauty of nature around the Medellin will make any person to awestruck; Rio Claro Valley, Piedra Del Peñol, etc are some famous places to explore.

Origen Cacao, Started to offer Medellin tour service from 2017. The Packages for the Medellin tour may vary from person to person. They have staffs and tourist guides who speak both English and Spanish. And also have a Tour Van to provide the best Medellin tour experience while riding in it in and around the Medellin. The Eco Resort at Origen Cacao Company can also be utilized by the tourist to stay and enjoy the nature, hills, exotic animals and birds and swim in the river. They also provide Cacao Farm tour and Chocolate tour in their factory which is near to the Eco Hotel, where the interesting tourist can know the cultivation process, production process, and manufacturing of chocolates from cacao beans.

About Origen Cacao

Origen Cacao is a Small Batch Cacao bean to Bar Chocolate factory from Colombia. They also provide Medellin tour, Cacao Farm tour and Chocolate tour service during the stay in their Eco Resort with tour package. With experienced local guides and transport facilities, they offer the best Medellin tour service for their customers. And in Chocolate factory, they produce all kinds of chocolate products such as nibs, nut clusters, candies, raw cacao products, skin creams, ceremonial cacao and lot more. To know more about their Medellin tour services and packages, visit

Carrera 64a #39-16, Vereda la Cuesta, Barbosa

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