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Buying gold has always been considered auspicious in India. It’s beautiful and almost always pays off rich dividends. The traditional means of buying gold came with a lot of inconveniences. One had to make a physical trip to a jeweler, pay unverified prices, worry about purity and then about storing it safely. Augmont, India’s most trusted portal for gold investments, has whisked those worries away with its ground-breaking new app that allows
you a world of conveniences you never thought possible!

The Augmont app beautifully brings together the best of online and offline purchase options with its advanced features and solid offline presence. Augmont being one of the largest gold refineries in India, has way more control over quality and is able to offer benchmark prices as compared to many other platforms and the same benefit is made available to the retail

The Augmont app brings advantages that buyers never had before. The brand, already popular for its benchmark prices in the wholesale market, ensures it passes on its price advantages to even its retail customers. The Augmont app allows one to accumulate gold over a period of time, depending on one’s budgets. So, you could buy gold worth as little as Re. 1 today, and keep buying small quantities till you wish, creating a sizeable long-term gold investment pool. For buyers who want to buy gold regularly in a disciplined manner, there is the option of very convenient monthly SIPs, available in multiples of 1000. The gold on the Augmont is physically stored in 100% secured lockers controlled and monitored by IDBI Trusteeship Services. The gold stored is so safe that even Augmont cannot access it unless the customer asks for doorstep delivery or decides to sell back to the company. For those who like to keep their gold with themselves, Augmont delivers it to your doorstep within 3 days to virtually every Indian corner. If one wishes to encash profits, a few simple taps on the app help in selling your gold at real-time market prices, and the money appears within minutes in the bank account. And no matter how much gold you buy, it is all 999 pure, ensuring you get nothing but the best. With all these conveniences, and the choice of investing in silver, Augmont is the pathbreaking bullion app everyone has been waiting for.

Announcing the revolutionary new way of investing in gold, Mr. Sachin Kothari, Director said, “With Augmont, we’ve tried to make buying gold as simple as booking a film ticket on your phone. People want to invest in certified gold and silver, at best prices, with someone they can trust. Our app, available on iOS and Android, is simple to navigate and completely
secure. We wanted to give our customers the choice to browse, choose, buy, store and sell gold at the tap of their fingertips. The added advantage of managing your investments, ease of sale and complete security give Augmont the edge over online portals that simply aid the purchase process.”

The Augmont app is equally simple to use for young adults and senior citizens, thanks to its easy interface. As India marches towards a digital future, it’s time to get smart with your gold investments. It has never been easier, cheaper or safer. So, hop on to the Augmont bandwagon and be a part of India’s bullion buying revolution!

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