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Celebrities and high-profile engagements are fueling the demand for superior quality engagement rings. The Diamond Family addresses this need with its extensive collection of fine diamond rings.

[BALLWIN, 03/07/2018] – The Diamond Family caters to the growing demand for glamorous, high-quality engagement rings. After all, more customers are opting for rings with glamorous and daring designs. Its extensive collection showcases engagement rings with various designs, materials, and prices.

A New Appreciation for Diamond Rings

Britain’s Royal Family has influenced the public’s fascination with bridal rings. Since the engagement of American actress Meghan Markle to Prince Harry, the demand for three-stud engagement rings similar to the actress’ went up dramatically. Markle’s engagement ring also inspired new trends including:

• Three-stone – These rings feature a center diamond flanked by two other side stones which can either blend in with the stone or provide a contrast to the central gem.
• Real diamonds – Authentic diamonds are an ideal choice because they symbolize love, strength, and genuineness. More customers are choosing them over laboratory-made diamonds.
• Oval shaped – Oval, elongated cuts are a standout shape because they look bigger than round or square-cut diamonds. The size illusion makes it an everlasting investment.
• Yellow diamonds – Customers prefer bright hues like yellow for their engagement rings because of their bold color. Moreover, yellow diamonds are rarer than white diamonds, making it easier to spot their value.

The Finest Quality Diamond Rings

Diamonds and engagement rings are the cornerstone of The Diamond Family, a master jeweler in St. Louis. Its catalog features a stunning variety of the finest diamond rings that come in unique styles and superior materials.

Soon-to-wed couples will find the engagement ring of their dreams here because the store’s showroom contains over 500 pieces. Furthermore, the store takes pride in its superior quality GIA, EGL, and AGS diamonds that encapsulate the dazzling appeal of the current engagement ring trends.

About The Diamond Family

The Diamond Family is a fine jewelry store in St. Louis that was established in 1978. It offers over $2 million worth of inventory and is one of the 850 ICO-accredited master jewelers in the world. The store has a showroom and full custom design capabilities to satisfy customer needs.

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