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February 2, 2018, Glendale, Colorado-The trailblazing expedition of the smooth champagne Ranch Bucket hats commenced in 2016 when Brian Morgan, an University of Colorado alumnus decided to take advantage of his experience as a wanderlust traveler and fashion photographer. His oeuvre went a long way in allowing him to explore the heart and soul of US as well as gave him ample opportunities to travel extensively in foreign lands. Gradually, he became an ardent traveler and at the same fine-tuned his skills as a fashion photographer. When he was enrolled at University of Colorado, he satisfied his exploratory bent of mind by going around in a ramshackle Jeep. Slowly it was this low key army vehicle in which he traversed near and far became the inspiration behind the conceptualization of Ranch Bucket.
Morgan had photographed numerous vistas and sceneries during his travels using his camera. It was these memorable and reminiscent snapshots that found their way into the various models of Ranch Bucket hats, arguably one of the leading hats brands in the US. It would not be out to place to emphasize that every single piece of hat crafted by the team at Ranch Bucket is an item worth collecting. All the hats are emblematic of the peripatetic desires of its founder which is typified by a rag of cloth, having a rectangular shape. This specific cloth rag, which is what differentiates Ranch Bucket hats from all other hat brands, signifies an image of an eye-catching landscape or vista. Brian had visited these landscapes and made it a point to capture their attractiveness in a camera. So, it is more than just pure coincidence that the illustrations of these sceneries would one day encourage Brian to design hats based around them.
The fabric piece is stitched permanently to two panels at the front of the hat with the help of grommets. The hats are handcrafted from cloth materials, of which 70% is organic cotton and 30% is recyclable polyester. The Smooth Champagne style is designed by pressing DTP software into service. A hard copy of the designed layout is taken out and thereafter passed onto the printing plate using a computer to plate (CTP) machine. The design that evolves is then emblazoned on the fabric rag that has been embroidered from environmental friendly materials.
This fabric is then torn manually and stapled onto the Ranch Bucket hats-one of the bestselling brands of hats, using grommets. The sceneries and vistas embossed on the hats are in fact representations of the original snaps captured by Brian who used to excel as a fashion photographer from his Denver pad some years ago. The Ranch Bucket hats are retailed in a range of styles and designs including Belize, orange trucker, love summit county, and so on.