New single “Golden Ratio” by orange ate kid (OAK)

The band, orange ate kid ( from Hamburg, can´t stand still or rest. The title of the new EP “Thrive and Prosper” says it all.

Since Friday, January 19, 2018, there is a foretaste of the upcoming OAK EP “Thrive and Prosper” on YouTube. The wonderful filmmaker Lukas Prezel has been accompanying the band for some time and also made the video shoot for the song “Golden Ratio” of the new OAK EP “Thrive and Prosper”.

Here´s ( video for “Golden Ratio”.

“The hard and sweaty work on our second EP “Thrive and Prosper” has finally come to an end,” the band says.

orange ate kid (oak) is continuously working on their sound since their foundation in 2012. Energetic alternativ rock combined with elements of post-hardcore would probably fit the most when trying to describe their style of music. Joining a show will be a prove of their powerful dynamic performance as well. The band released their debut EP “Waterlungs” followed by the single “We are the Island” and two music videos. The release of “Thrive and Prosper” will now lead to a wider range of songs that can be experienced at one of their upcoming shows.

Text section of Golden Ratio:

All that was, all that will be
Does not matter now
All that is, all that counts,
Is that we feel alive.

Stop for a second and lift your head,
Deeply breathe,
And then contemplate ’bout this:
That you’re thankful to be alive
It’s time to be alive (2x)

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