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Sammi Glory Co., Ltd was established in 2002 as an import and export trading house. It has grown as a representative trading company in Korea with excellent results in public health products fields with the whole world as its stage. Based on quick intelligence capabilities, skilled trading techniques, Sammi Glory provides customers with products and services under the optimum condition required by customers by developing various public health products, beauty cosmetics products.
Furthermore, based on various business experiences and knowledge accumulated in the global market, Sammi Glory is working actively on overseas investment business.
Compression sprayers
Looking out for compression sprayer for gardening? Sammi Glory, the leading public health care product supplier offers corrosion resistance compression sprayer.

P-HS0710 Hand spray
Features of the products
Corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance is superior to using high-end materials.
For overpressure protection valve are equipped, they’re comfortable in his and we can use.
Convenient for preventive or a flower and home gardening purposes.
• Model- super-8
• Product No-HS-0710
• Body-SUS304
• Box size (mm) L*W*H-210*210*530
• Net weight (Kg)-2.67kg
• Tank Capacity (Ltr)-8.0L
• Working pressure (kgf/cm)- 4.2kgf/cm
• Spraying Capacity/min-1.7L
P-HP0703 Hand spray
The corrosion resistance and durability of abrasion are superior using top-level quality material.
Valve for overpressure prevention is installed so, it’s secure to use. It is convenient to for prevention of epidemics or flowering plant and family gardening.
Product No-HP-0703
• Box size (mm) L*W*H-195x195x630
• Net weight (Kg)-1 .86kg
• Tank Capacity (Ltr)-8.0L
• Working pressure (kgf/cm)- 3.0kgf/cm
We have specially performed an important function exporting renowned and splendid Korean merchandise globally and service to the global marketplace and as a worldwide commercial enterprise organizer ready with over 2 hundred overseas networks everywhere in the international, we have additionally showed notable abilities in growing new organizations in cooperation with customers via the combination of professional trading techniques, and various enterprise fashions. We are also offering thermal fog generators, ULV Aerosol Generators, Glue traps, compression sprayer Korea, etc.