Packline Solutions’ quality strapping supplies ensure that the freight and the crew arrive safely at their destination.

[CASTLEMAINE, 1/12/2018] – Packline Solutions offers durable, high-performance strapping solutions that keep both freight and crew safe. The company’s wide range of products caters to both light and heavy loads, ensuring that they arrive at their destination whole and undamaged.

The Growing Freight Industry in Australia

Paul Retter, Chief Executive of the National Transport Commission (NTC), states that the next few years will be a crucial time for Australia’s transport sector, especially for those in the freight industry. Experts anticipate significant growth in transport movements; in fact, the NTC reports that Australia’s freight tasks would increase 26% by2026.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development urgedthe government and the industry to ensure that transport infrastructure is able to accommodate the growing demand.

Cargo Strapping from Packline Solutions

With Australia’s freight industry poised for takeoff, Packline Solutions is at the helm of keeping freight shipments secure. It provides durable products manufactured to the highest standards. Its range of strapping solutions includes polyester, polypropylene, composite, woven, steel and stainless steel strapping.It also provides a selection of strapping equipment, like buckles, seals and dispensers.

Not only does Packline Solution’s strapping secure transport — it protects the crew, too. By securing the freight, no load will injure the team while being transported. The company’s products are competitively priced, making it a cost-effective solution for any operation.

With great services and quality products from Packline Solutions, businesses are confident that their goods and crew will arrive safe and sound.

About Packline Solutions

Packline Solutions has been offering packaging supplies and equipment since 2004.It aims to help businesses maximise operational efficiency and increase their sales. To date, it is one of the leading strapping material suppliers in Australia.

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