The airline mergers have caused an increase in airfares of both economic and business classdue to higher demands and higher costs. Following the airline business,the hotels across the globe have also raised their costs. Ultimately individual and corporate travelers both are facing the challenge of rising travel costs.

With business travel expanding in past couple of years the corporates have also turned stricter towards business travel expense. Adherence to travel policies, approval from a longer hierarchy of management, justification of trips or return on investment are some of their ways to keep a scrutiny on business travelers.

A fastest growing sector of the travel industry is highly influenced due to online travel bookings and travel management. According to a recent research by World Travel &Tourism Council people employed in global travel & tourism is more than consolidating the financial, manufacturing, and mining industry. Another survey results of Google reflect that 85% of travelers while booking online consider PRICE the most important factor.

Leveraging the power of technology, the online b2b hotel booking for corporates has emerged one of the most eminent tools utilized by corporates to book their hotels. This has also created an opportunity for hotel & travel industry to build and maintain an online booking engine for corporates and enterprises.

The online hotel booking is not only beneficial for corporates and individual travelers but for hotels too which were otherwise selling their unused property at unused prices. Most of the leading travel agencies are using B2B and B2C business models. These travel portals can be assessed directly on your android smartphone too through apps. Instead of making their booking on the website most corporate professionals prefer apps on their phones.

Maximizing benefits and minimizing cost is the agenda of any business and corporates while making any online hotel booking they ensure their benefit as comapred to direct bookings. Below mentioned are the benefits which they can receive at B2B hotel booking for corporates through a web portal.

Budget forecasting

Consolidating all hotel booking the reports on expense are always available for corporate professionals. This, in turn, helps them further planning, controlling expenditure more accurately.


Corporates sending their employees regularly in volumes get stronger negotiation leverage.

Anytime Accessibility

Through online portal and apps the hotel booking is accessible 24/7.

Sense of security

It becomes easy for corporate professionals to locate their employees in any crisis. In case of any changes, the employer is informed by travel agents about the location or new accommodation of their employee.

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