Individual Counseling In Alamo Heights, TX

Alamo Heights, TX/2017: Individuals with heightened emotions and uncontrolled feelings usually seek help of a professional therapist. Counseling can help people come out of stress and lead a better life. Individuals seeking help can visit Brent Wheeler Therapy, a TX based therapy, counseling and rehab center.

Mr. Brent Wheeler in Alamo Heights, TX, helps people manage emotional conflicts, stress and other psychological issues. The counselor aims at providing advice related to different issues such as deployment, reintegration, depression etc.

The therapist has completed his doctoral level internship in school psychology and specializes in individuals, children as well as couple counseling. The professional counselor also provides his services in Austin and San Antonio.

Counseling services can be opted by the individuals facing following psychological issues –

Extreme changes in behavior
Conflicting thought patterns
Unresolved family concerns
Feeling alone while venting out personal issues
Issues with re-integration
Bipolar Disorder
Trauma and anxiety
Drug addiction
Physical or mental abuse

How Counseling Helps:

Individuals apprehend the issue by venting out their feeling.
It lowers the level of stress and depression.
They are able to trace out different ways in which a goal can be achieved.
It provides opportunities to re-gain the lost confidence.
The counselor helps people focus more on the positives and develop an optimistic outlook towards life.
Assists in overall growth of an individual.
An individual can overcome the trauma and anxiety when subjected to counseling.
It can help people realize their potential.

Other Services:

Teenage counseling
Couples counseling

For consultation, visit Brent Wheeler Therapy at 4940 Broadway, St #225, Alamo Heights, TX 78209 or call at (210) 409 – 7777. For more information log on to

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