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TENS units are rapidly becoming one of the maximum widespread new approaches of relieving a diversity of diverse kinds of pain. Though the term is heard more frequently nowadays, many persons are still unconscious of this new technology as well as hence beg the question, “What is a TENS unit, precisely?”

TENS is really an acronym for “Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation.” The name may sound long plus complicated, however the technology behindhand it is actually quite candid. Essentially, a TENS unit is a moveable machine hooked up toward electrodes, which are placed on the skin by sticky patches. While the unit is switched on, it releases an electrical current that travels over the electrodes as well as into the body, mildly stimulating the nerves under the skin.

When the nerve threads are stimulated over the low frequency electronic pulses, a very exciting thing occurs. The pain signals are fundamentally “blocked” beforehand they can reach the brain, and so, the brain is “confused” in to sense the soft tingling sense of the TENS therapy, in its place of pain in that region of the body. Thus, TENS machineries are used mainly as pain “spot treatments,” as well as can aid to target and decrease pain in a region like the knee, wrist, shoulder, or lower back. Not merely do TENS machineries “scramble” the pain message from attainment the brain, they moreover offer a calming massage, draw blood flow toward the area to promote curative, and help the body to discharge endorphins. Throughout TENS therapy, the body discharges endorphins, which are natural elements found in the body that actually upsurge the overall sense of well-being plus happiness.

Finally, TENS Electronic Pulse Massager can moreover help to increase muscle tone over the stimulation of the muscle fiber in the targeted region, for example the abdominal region. It is not intended as a way toward lose weight, but it can aid to upsurge muscle definition to a degree. Amazon Bestseller offers Tens Unit for fast Pain relief at Under $20.