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The Oral Maxillofacial Practice offers orthognathic surgery to patients in Singapore and nearby countries. One of the practice’s full-time surgeons assesses a patient’s deformity first before proceeding with the surgery.

Orthognathic surgery, or commonly known as jaw surgery, is recommended for patients with a jaw and facial deformity, caused by developmental anomalies. Deformities that braces alone cannot correct are usually the ones requiring an orthognathic surgery.

This procedure can be carried out by either an oral maxillofacial surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon. Though the surgery is often considered a cosmetic procedure, its main function is to fix the jaw alignment and the patient’s chewing and biting ability.

Depending on the patient’s medical condition and history, the surgery can be scheduled one to two weeks after the first consultation. However, there are cases that require 1-2 years of braces treatment before the surgery, and another 6-12 months of treatment post surgery.

Initial Consultation for Patients

Before undergoing a jaw surgery, patients are required to undergo an initial consultation where the diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed. The assessment is necessary for the surgeon to determine whether the surgery is necessary or whether other options should be considered first.

Patients are advised to bring a copy of their recent X-rays and the list of medications they are currently taking. OMFP recommends patients under 18 years old to be accompanied by a guardian.