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Auckland, New Zealand – 28 September 2017 – Cleaning Pro is one of the leading and reputed cleaning companies that provides custom cleaning solutions in every sector such as health care, banking, airports, shopping malls and industrial sites.

Cleaning home is an annoying, time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor. There is hardly a person in the entire universe who enjoys the process and is looking forward to that day of the week to do all of the house cleaning. You remember an unpleasant sensation of dust and dirt on your skin after concluding sweeping the place, how about the smell of cleaning solutions filling the home. Add the factor of children if you have them and this entire process quickly becomes a hurdle of a lifetime. Lucky for you there are cleaning services that will handle all of your cleaning needs promptly and effectively. Cleaning Pro offers you full service no matter what your house or office cleanup needs are.

After hiring this company, there are certain things that you can always expect and demand regardless of what kind of cleaning option you pick. Kitchen area clean-up includes scrubbing of the sink and shining fixture, light dishes cleaning, inside microwave and outside of everything cleaned including oven cleaning. Bathrooms will be spotless with scrubbed tub and shower, tile and grout will be extra cleaned, toilet and surrounding areas will be spotless and floor hand wiped to make you happy with results. Dry rooms will be relieved from cobwebs, beds will be tidied, pet hair will be collected from furniture and floors and everything damp dusted thoroughly. With Cleaning Pro service, you can choose between classic and elite clean depending on your needs and desires. In case you are changing your home and need move in cleaning service, the company will meticulously go through the entire area and ensure that once you get in, tidying up the place will not be on your “to do” list.

When it comes to choosing between reliable cleaning services in Auckland, Cleaning Pro is without any doubt the leader. Home cleaners from the company go through a rigorous background check and screening process and are fully trained as well as certified before they enter your home. That is why the company has an impressive reputation and boasts a large pool of regular clients. If you would like to join the group of people in Auckland who have found their perfect home cleaning service apply for a price estimate and you will promptly get one. It is time for you to forget the annoyance and trouble of sweeping the floors and dusting surfaces, let professionals handle all of that while you enjoy time with your family and friends.

About Cleaning Pro:
Cleaning Pro is a leading provider of cleaning services in Auckland and puts as their top priority its customer’s satisfaction. They work hard and professionally in order to learn new techniques and procedures that will make your home or office shine like a brand new one.

Company: Cleaning Pro
Address: 15 Irongate Ave, Ranui Auckland 0612
Phone: 0800 405 670