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II Spaces is one of the Well-known Furniture Dealers located in Addison, Texas. It is a Full Line Herman Miller Dealer in Texas and offers the best quality designed furniture’s range to the citizen of the Texas. The II Spaces is started in the year of 1996. They offer the complete range of interior design products and solution for their client. They also help their client in Space Planning and design, in Delivering and installation of Furniture and also in Maintenance and repair of their products.

They are experts at creating the best workspaces with the furniture for an organization. They offer their service for corporate offices, Government sectors, Healthcare industry, and Education center and also for hospitality service.

Corporate service

II Spaces is known for their intelligent interior service for the corporate office. With the wide range of furniture to selection and designing the spaces, they offer the best service for the corporate industry. They will help in transforming the office interiors, space and other designing work with evaluating analysis and strategic asset planning for them. Along with offering the Office furniture dealership service, they also provide other services like artwork, telephone system, wall covering and much more.

Government service

II Spaces also offer their service of Furniture dealership and other services for the Government entities of federal, state and local offices. They have the experience of providing furniture dealership for the Government sectors; which posses both professionalism and integrity of the officers who use the spaces.

Healthcare Service

Nowadays healthcare industry is also taking interest in putting the best foot forward to designing their spaces and using detailed furniture made for them. At II Spaces, they also offer the best in class Healthcare furniture designs. Their designers know how to design matching the complexity of healthcare atmosphere and building structure.

About II Spaces

II Spaces is one of the leading intelligent interiors planning and furniture dealers in Texas. They are certified MWBE by the Dallas Business Development Council. They have best design consultants who directly work with their clients to develop an affordable design for their organization. Till now they have designed for more than 500 companies ranging from startups to level business offices. To know more details about their services, visit

16837 Addison Road – Suite 500
Addison, TX 75001-56510
Phone: +1- 972-716-9979