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When you are subjected in a drunk driving case, it is very important to seek an efficient drunk driving lawyer in Georgetown. DUI laws are said to be complicated and the one who specializes in the field will help you to get relieved from it. The lawyer you hire should be experienced in DUI field and you need to look for the lawyer in the local county. This is so because, DUI laws change in every state and the lawyers must be updated in it to give you efficient results.

You must be informed about their previous cases and their success rates. There are various tests which are conducted if you are suspected to a DUI case. Therefore, it is necessary for you to look for legal assistance to avoid undesirable results.

DUI Cases
DUI laws are becoming stricter now- a- days and you need to be careful when handling with DUI cases. There are two separate proceedings in DUI namely administrative procedures and criminal procedures. An administrative hearing will be at the Division of Motor vehicles. It is necessary to attend the administrative hearing within 15 days of your arrest. This is so because, when you are arrested you will be deprived of your driving license and will be issued with the 15 day temporary license.
When you miss the 15 days your license will be suspended for minimum three months. The evidences which the police officer shows will be reviewed and when the police officer fails to attend the DMV hearing your license will be returned to you. During criminal procedure hearings, penalties will be imposed on the victim. Few of the penalties include,
• Mandatory installation of ignition interlock device in your vehicle
• Fines, court costs
• Jail time
• Probation
• Alcohol education classes
• Increased insurance premiums

After a DUI charge
There are various strategies to beat DUI even if you fail in breath test and plead guilty. When guided by a lawyer you will be able to fight the case with more confidence. The lawyers will try to collect all possible evidences and will provide you a strong defense. For more details, visit