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Traditionally, wood had been the primary choice for fencing material. The natural beauty of wood is the biggest factor in its favour. Wood fencing is generally preferred for boundaries, although it is suitable for any other areas of your home like balconies, decks and staircases. A well finished wooden fencing takes on a quality of its own for the classy elegance it lends to your home exteriors.

Timber is naturally attractive. Different types of wood like low cost hardwood or treated pine wood is used to build a fence basically depending on where it will be fixed. For example, chemically treated pine wood is used for boundary fences as it is does not rot easily. Your pine wood boundary fence will last for many years provided you keep up with its maintenance. Regular coating and staining of the wood fencing makes it durable and rot-resistant.

In the past, picket fences were the most common type of fencing used for the front yards. A wooden picket fence does not provide much in the form of privacy, although it is generally chosen for its open look. Slat or batten fencing on the other hand offers good privacy while also creating a style statement for your home. Rural or farm fencing is a simple fence made from hardwood posts and horizontal rails.

A well designed, wood fence with a neat polished look certainly adds to the curb appeal. It is a worthwhile investment into your property, although it may prove a bit more expensive than aluminium, steel or composite materials. Timber is prone to rotting, especially the portions touching the ground. Generally, wood used for fencing is chemically treated to resist rotting, thus extending its life to a great extent.

Maintenance of a wooden fence is very important if you want it to last. The posts and slats must be coated and stained at regular intervals to retain the colours, they must be waterproofed and chemically treated to ensure durability. Paints are generally not recommended for wooden fences although you may find painted picket fences a common sight.

Installing naturally attractive Wood Fencing is easy enough for someone who is handy with tools and doesn’t mind the hard work. Ready panels and posts of different sizes are available with fencing suppliers. But hiring a professional fencing company will get the job done much quicker. Besides, you are saved the hard work and the time you’d spend getting it done.

Several fencing suppliers in Australia deal with wood fencing, finding one in your neighbourhood is a simple matter of visiting Get quotes from multiple suppliers and compare rates. Front Yard Fencing can be quite expensive so do your homework before you make your decision.