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Pokhara, Tibet – 12th September 2017 – The Tibetan Encounter is a touristic company which provides tours in Pokhara, Lakeside, the most beautiful place from the magic Tibet. If you have dreamed about visiting Tibet and were not sure where to go, then you should pay attention on this offer, which will open your margins and will make your dreams become true.
Their website is a very colorful and user-friendly platform, describing stuff about their services and offerings. Being a newbie in the world of travelling, The Tibetan Encounter tries to present thoroughly their special programs. There are also listed all of the available cultural tours through Tibet and a unique feature – Meet your guide. This will make you to feel comfortable with your guide further in your adventures. Moreover, you can pay attention on Short Trekking courses that are proposed on the web page.
The company makes a good impression from the first view and continues to impress along its upcoming discovering. What can astonish at The Tibetan Encounter? First of all, the seriousness that The Tibetan Encounter team approaches with. You can see how meticulously their website is offered to the customer and how specifically are described the courses. Another point to make, there are lots of photos published there and you can on your own penetrate into this magic athmosphere and feel that special comfort from tibetian civilization. What is more, the huge amount of services is really remarkable. For instance, you can get individual tours in Pokhara which can cost more, but the difference will be felt very well. One more advantage of them, that they propose to the large public day tours in Pokhara. In other words, they are not only excursionists, but an entirely tourist company.
About The Tibetan Encounter:
The Tibetan Encounter is a touristic company which is mainly focused on tours through Pokhara, a beautiful corner from this world. For those who wish to go from a daily routine and change a little bit the atmosphere, there are proposed many touristic programs during a half, one or even many days in Tibet. Don’t hesitate to improve your mood and discover new cultures and languages, making use of the service of The Tibetan Encounter, one of the weirdest, but wonderful touristic companies from this area.
Company Name: The Tibetan Encounter
Address: Lakeside Rd, Pokhara 33700
Phone: +977 9856036334