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If you drop your ordinary smartphone on the floor, it might crack, break, or stop working totally, depending on the impact. Devices produced by Rugged Mobile, however, are different. They can survive extreme conditions as they’re built with durability in mind. Rugged Mobile’s extra-tough smartphones might fail to attract you initially because of their sort of rough and ready appearance. However, their performance is peerless. They’re developed to withstand intense shock. If you are planning to explore mountain peaks or looking for an adventure in the woods, a rugged phone is exactly what you need.

Why Choose Rugged Phones
Rugged Mobile builds durable devices which can operate in any type of exposed working condition. Their products are assessed by three significant parameters: temperature range, military standards (MIL-STD) and IP rating.

Their products have MIL-STD ratings and have undergone multiple laboratory tests in a variety of circumstances, from high-altitude to ballistic shock. All of their products are at least IP65-rated, which means that they are absolutely dustproof and can even withstand strong jets of water.

Their Products
Rugged Mobile develops a variety of tablets, notebooks, mobile phones and handhelds.  Some of their popular models include:

  • Algiz® 8X

The Algiz® 8X rugged tablet is known for powerful computing and reliability.

  • Algiz RT7

The Algiz RT7 offers a number of facilities, from collecting data, crunching numbers to viewing graphics.

  • Algiz 7®

The Algiz 7® rugged tablet is small and light, with multiple connectivity options and a multitude of functionality.

  • Algiz® 10X

The powerful Algiz® 10X rugged tablet has sophisticated technology and can withstand rough weather.

  • Nautiz X1®

The Nautiz X1® is an ultra-rugged handheld made for working in harsh environments.

  • Nautiz X2

The Nautiz X2 has multiple functions— it is a computer, a scanner, a camera and a 4G/LTE phone.


The NAUTIZ X4 is both a rugged handheld and a rugged barcode scanner.

  • Nautiz X8

The Nautiz X8 has a unique combination of processing power, connectivity and field with a ruggedness rating of IP67.

  • Nautiz eTicket Pro II

The Nautiz eTicket Pro II is a handheld designed for mobile ticketing, transactions and validations.

For more information about Rugged Mobile, visit their official website:

About Rugged Mobile
Rugged Mobile is a renowned company based in Johannesburg, South Africa that offers a variety of heavy-duty appliances, ranging from mobile phones, notebooks, tablets to handhelds. Rugged Mobile’s extra-powerful devices are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Block C, Unit 12 Fairlandia
186 Smit Street, Fairland
Johannesburg, 2195

Office: 011 476 4779
Thomas: 082 823 7723
Ryan: 078 747 0427