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05, May 2017: The original heavy-duty and eco-friendly cleaner developed by Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. from Canada cuts through the toughest dirt including, oil, grease, wax and fat. It is perfect for the most environmentally sensitive and commercial situations.

Industrial, Marine, Garage and Petrochemical Environments – AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner’s colloidal properties make it ideal for use where oil and petrochemicals are a common source of contamination. AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner can act efficiently as a chemical and hydrocarbon dispersant by emulsifying and detoxifying on contact.

Food Processing Plants, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés, etc. Because of the 100% non-toxic and totally safe bio-based nature of AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner, it is perfect for all environments where food preparation and cooking is concerned. Kitchen fat, grease and oil build up over time – AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner leaves surfaces, walls and floors spotlessly clean, simultaneously sanitized and disinfected through its antimicrobial properties.

Healthcare and Janitorial Use – Hospitals, prisons, dental surgeries, schools, offices and so on, the list is endless. Wherever humans come into contact with surfaces, traditional petrochemical-based cleaners and stringent disinfectants can be a potential hazard. AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner performs exactly the same function as these toxic chemicals, in a natural way that is totally safe for humans and completely harmless to the environment.

Animals and Livestock – AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner is non-toxic, bio-based and non-hazardous to animals or humans, perfect for equestrian establishments, veterinary surgeries, farmyards, zoos, poultry farms and any other animal-oriented environment. AgriHit™ Natural Bio Cleaner not only cleans but disinfects and sterilizes too, acting as an effective inhibitor of bacterial and fungal infections. The cleaner’s colloidal properties make it ideal for thorough cleaning of all internal and external walls and flooring, especially concrete, plus plant, machinery and vehicles used in any of the environments where animal welfare is critical.

About The Company:

Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. focuses on constant improvement through commercialization of path-breaking technologies that are beneficial for the environment as well as people. Many industries are likely to benefit from company products and solutions such as industrial facilities, poultry, cattle and pork farming, food industry, healthcare and hospitality facilities, businesses and homes.

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Person Name: Miroslaw Chrzaniecki
Company: Green Earth Nano Science Inc.
Phone: 416-800-0969