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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the Robin Hood of cloud-based solutions, bringing AWS to on premise servers is a new bonus. AWS is famous for focusing on price reductions and when services are purchased, no commitment is asked for.It has a global presence, new servers can be procured within minutes and data is kept safe and secure. Now AWS is offering On prem AWS
services that are quickly becoming popular with companies

For those not in the know, an AWS on premise is a physical device that can run the AWS CodeDeploy agent, and it should be able to connect to public AWS service endpoints. It can deploy an application to Amazon EC2 in the cloud whilst simultaneously deploying to desktop PCs that are running in the relevant office. This makes it easier to bring all devices using AWS in one physical environment together.

Whilst many AWS customers have other on premise servers in addition to their AWS service or use other clouds as well, customers need a single method to unify this hybrid environment for once and for all. Therefore, AWS on premise offers local performance on an extremely high scale. Code deployment allows for developers and administrators to centrally track and control their application development across a variety of development, testing, product environments and more.

Effective pricing seems to allow equal access for start-ups and long-term businesses – there are no upfront costs. Running costs are only charged on an hourly basis so no long term commitment is required by any of the users, making it even more attractive to start-ups who don’t know whether they will see the month through. There are many tools and third-party tools that may assist with cost optimization on existing AWS set up but AWS is famous for their intense focus on reducing the costs of services to customers and they have proved this by reducing the costs of a variety of their services more than thirty times in the last few years.

Time is money, and here again AWS comes to the rescue. AWS can be set up quickly and no additional operating system or software licenses need to be bought in addition. Another way users are saving is in the highly reduced risk of security threats. Access and privilege is strict and multiple geographic regions and thirty-six availability zones protect against natural disasters and system failures. Regarding on premise instances, customers should register against AWS’s available regions.

AWS is also popular for its flexibility: AWS allows the user to select the preferred operating system, database, web application platform, programming language, and any other services of preference. Therefore, migrating to AWS from another platform is extremely easy, no headaches here. On-demand scaling is offered at AWS “Auto Scaling” and “Elastic Load Balancing” are tools by AWS that allow for easy scale-ups or downscaling. This is another great development from Amazon and the success of this project will surely be monitored by many.