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Why is secure software development so important?

With so many threats around that prey on software vulnerabilities, it is extremely important that secure software development is always being updated to keep threats to a minimum. Finding out about vulnerabilities,prior to hackers finding weak areas, is the best practice. There are lots of processes involved in secure software development, including using secure coding and a security development lifecycle.

Security development lifestyle

By using a security development lifecycle, otherwise known as SDLC, to verify the security of applications created internally before deploying them can help reduce the chance of threats from both internal and external sources. Checking the security of your applications can help customers to find a way to implement a program in a way that is both simple as well as cost effective.

The security development lifecycle is a type of software development which has six different phases which are as follows:


requirements & design




For secure development, or secdevops, to be successful you should ensure that you integrate tools to test your software development lifecycle. This will enable developers to scan the codes, as well as ensure they are of high enough quality to meet regulations. Using automated tools can help developers to not only locate security issues, but also to fix them faster than going through manually. This also limits the possibility of human error. You can train to improve your secure development so that you are able to implement new practices in order to stay ahead of hackers and have more of an insight into potential vulnerabilities.

You can incorporate secure devops into traditional and rapid pace development. By implementing the development you will be able to conduct assessments during SDLC so that you can be sure your site/server is as protected as possible.

If you have the capabilities to make adaptations to code testing programs, you could use open source resources which will enable you to make the program work for you. You will have more of a chance of spotting vulnerabilities if you do it this way, rather than opting for an off the shelf program which will have been made as a ‘one size fits all’.

Using a secure development platform is a good practice to adopt if you are using either third party apps or are outsourcing. You should set a security policy that is acceptable with your vendor. This will ensure that the development policies will be strong enough to meet your individual needs.

Keeping up to date with the latest practices, as well as regularly checking for new vulnerabilities before they affect web users, is the best practice. Secure software development is not something that you can learn like riding a bike and then continue to hold the skills for. Hackers are getting smarter and the chances are if you do not pick up on vulnerabilities, they will.This could cost you time and money if you need downtime. Learning secure coding for common languages including ASP.NET and C/C++ is advisable, as is studying secure development fundamentals.