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Nearly one million self-published books are launched on the market each year in the USA, with each author hoping to become a huge success story. However, according to Amazon and a news article published in the New York Times only around 40 self-published authors make money.

It is not just self-published authors who struggle; those that go through the traditional method of having a book published through a publisher also struggle. That is about to change, thanks to Steven E and his website and his dedicated services that help authors to become a success story.

Steven E. Schmitt, who is author of many bestselling books, has launched a F-R-E-E video to help people understand how they can become a success. A well as launching a video, the author who has sold over two million of his books worldwide is also offering a one-hour coaching phone call.

Steven Says, “A bestselling book title can skyrocket your sales. Yes, now you can make your book stand out and become a top author.” He further adds – “This video is a small effort to help books authors across the globe to dream big, layout a solid plan and ultimately achieve it!”

His new video has gained worldwide attention and is already helping published authors become a success story. See why this YouTube Video is going Viral watch it now Steven E has over 100 free videos all about the challenges that book authors come across and its best possible solutions.

For more information about Steven E, please visit, or email Steven E at or call at 562-884-0062.

About Steven E Schmitt:

Steven E is the creator of one of the fastest-growing book series in the world, with over 30 books in print. It is called Wake Up…Live the Life You Love. His last 30 books have been bestsellers.

Steven E is dedicated to teaching people to find their purpose in life.

He has worked with World-Renowned Authors, Top MD Doctors, CEO of major companies, Top Fiction and non-fiction Authors, Owners of top franchises…he is working with authors with a powerful message and teach them how to get it out to the world.

Steven E is the innovator of creating books with multiple authors. Now every where you turn, you see that you can be a co/author with famous authors like Wayne dyer, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield – author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Steven e Schmitt change the way the publishing world thinks and created over 35 books with thousands of multiple authors around the planet and selling over two million books.

For more information, email Steven –