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Camelot Carpet Cleaning, Inc., a family-owned Katy-based business, encourages families to think of the holidays as the time to get their carpets cleaned. Camelot offers customers a special rate in time to prepare for the Christmas season or to clean up afterwards.

Customers may get their carpeting in three rooms cleaned for only $99. Included in each initial cleaning are unlimited return visits for a full year.

The holiday season provides an ideal time to get carpets cleaned. Clean, odor-free carpets greet guests kindly when they come in by eliminating pet odors and unsightly stains. Regular carpet cleaning helps rid carpets of allergens, dust mites and bacteria. Remember children and grandchildren may be playing on the floor as they open their Christmas gifts. Pre-holiday carpet cleaning offers not only offers aesthetic benefits but health benefits as well.

Another good time to get carpets cleaned is after the holidays. Guests may track in dirt and mud, especially if this winter is a wet season in the Houston area. Add in dust, glitter and pine needles from Christmas decorations. A professional cleaning spruces up a home before spring arrives.

Many carpet warranties require having new carpets professionally cleaned every 18-24 months. Carpet cleaning experts suggest professionally cleaning a carpet at least once a year to prolong its life.

Hire a bonded and insured carpet cleaning company whenever possible. “Bonded” means the cleaning company partners with a bonding company that puts up money in case if the company accidentally damages any property and has to repair damages or reimburse customers. Insurance covers employees in case if they are injured on the job, reducing the chance of premiums charged against a customer’s homeowner insurance policy.

Camelot Carpet Cleaning’s technicians are both bonded and insured. Technicians’ work is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Family-owned and operated Camelot Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning carpets and providing other services in the Houston and surrounding areas since 1990. Services it offers includes:

– Carpet and upholstery cleaning
– Carpet protection
– Oriental/area rug cleaning
– Wood floor cleaning and waxing
– Tile and ground cleaning

For more information about Camelot Carpet Cleaning, Inc., visit its website at . Call 1-800-815-8817 for a price quote.

Randy Frumkin
Camelot Carpet Cleaning, Inc.
Address: 6626 New World Drive, Katy, TX 77449
Phone: 800-815-8817