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Geneva, IL – Homeowner catches cat burglar with the use of hidden cameras and spy cameras.

Mary Wright returned home from work to her Ft. Lauderdale, Florida townhome to find things somewhat unfamiliar.

“Initially I thought I’d left a window open and the wind had blown things around, but I later found that was not the case,” said Mary.

There was more to it. The occurrences were becoming more and more frequent. Each time, also becoming more and more destructive. Items were missing and Mary started to feel unsafe in her own home. Mary recalled a friend telling her what she did when she was faced with a similar issue.

“I went online and purchased a spy camera to find out what was going on inside my home when I was away,” said Mary.

She feared the worst, but hoped for the best in terms of her own safety. Online she purchased a SpyCrushers Spy Camera Clock and set it up in the area of her home where the occurrences where taking place.

“I hoped the spy camera would confirm my suspicions and let me know exactly what was going on,” Mary continued.

Mary set the spy camera up and anxiously anticipated viewing the recording once she returned from work that evening.

“The first day there were no signs of anything. Nothing was changed or in disarray. It wasn’t until day three that I discovered what was going on. Apparently, Koko, my neighbor’s cat somehow climbs on to my window ledge and enters my home through my window. Once inside, she and my cat Sam play, jump and run around chasing each other all day without caring about the damage they’re causing. In fact, it’s Koko that takes Sam’s play toys with her every time she leaves,” Mary said.

Since catching the infamous cat burglar Mary has purchased other spy camera products like a spy pen , a spy camera adapter and even a fake security camera , which she says looks like a real security camera and is to deter any real would-be burglars.

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