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A freelancer from India just launched a Chat room for hair related discussions. It is an extremely efficient site running on PHP and backed up by a MySQL database. The freelancer’s site passed the Google page analysis with flying colors and looks like a platform which could become the next big thing for hair freaks. The features which make it a great website are Mobile responsiveness, Private chat, Facebook login and the feature loaded chat room interface. The chat room can be visited at

“This really looks like a great website to interact with people and get reviews on latest hair styles” said Andrew bower, a hair stylist. “Being the first chat room started exclusively for hair related talks, the site could become a perfect portal for professional hair stylists to get opinions about their work.”

Hair stylists are not the only ones interested in this platform. According internet marketing experts, this site may become popular amongst people suffering from hair loss, women conscious about their looks and people looking to get a new haircut. These people can join this portal for suggestions, opinions and help regarding their hair problems.

In order to join this chat room and interact with other people, the user needs to register by filling a form or he can continue as a guest by entering his preferred username. Entering the chat room as a guest will leave the user with a few limitations like inability to start a private chat. For removing all the limitations, the user is required to register on the website. Registration can either be done by simply filling a form or by using Facebook login. According to the terms of the website, it is and will always remain free to register.

What makes this news extremely interesting is the fact that how the internet is growing day by day! The launch of this website not only shows us the growth of the web but also makes it clear that the day when there is an online portal for everything you want is not far. Web developers, freelancers and it firms have been aggressively expanding their business by making such websites and taking advantage of the trend.

Isabell H. Williams
Company: Hair Chatroom Pvt. ltd.
Address: 1492 Still Street, Toledo, OH 43609
Phone: 419-702-6320