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The way artists sell their art might be about to get a digital makeover thanks to ARTQUISITE, a website dedicated to removing some of the frictions typically seen in the traditional art market. In the past the company has focused heavily on making art more accessible for their customers, providing them with a story and background to the artwork that they buy, as well as more general information about various art movements. It’s all been part of an effort to provide educational material alongside artwork for people who are interested in buying art but are new to the industry and not sure how to navigate such a complex marketplace.

Now the company is turning its sights to the other side of its business: the one that works with artists from across the globe. ARTQUISITE has always tested and assessed with the quality of the artwork provided by its network of artists. It’s part of the company’s core appeal. Its team of expert curators quality check work first so that buyers can always be assured that what they are buying does indeed have the value suggested by the sticker price. Now the company wants to reach out to contemporary artists to find new talent to excite their clients.

Sell Art Online

ARTQUISITE is reaching out artists, asking them to submit their work through its online portal. Artists need to send documentation containing images of their work, the company says, along with some additional text describing what it is that the image contains, as well as some biography text about the artist and an exhibition list. They also ask that images be of a high resolution, at least 2000 px and 300 dpi, in order for them to be considered for the site. Art professionals should list the names of artwork and artists, any exhibitions and their opening and closing dates.

Those who are interested have the convenience of using WeTransfer or Dropbox, meaning that there should be a lot of fuss involved in making submissions. Once work has been received, the team at ARTQUISITE will review it and then reply to the artists with a decision about whether or not to list the work on the site.

With the growing international market for art, what ARTQUISITE is doing offers an exciting opportunity for artists to get more of their work noticed online. Like so many other industries, art is becoming more globally connected, and ARTQUISITE is providing a backdrop for that, doing what so many other sites have done in different industries: offered a digital space where buyers and sellers can meet. Thanks to the unique features of the art segment, doing this properly has been difficult until now, but ARTQUISITE thinks that it has cracked it. By offering to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, it gives both parties benefits that they didn’t have before. Buyers get expert information on the artwork they are buying, and sellers get access to a wide range of educated clients in a way that wasn’t possible before. Click here for more information on selling artwork online.

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