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Purchasing quality artwork has always been a challenge, even for experienced buyers. The main problem is that the value of art is incredibly subjective: one person’s valuation for a particular piece can be dramatically different from another’s. There’s another problem too: guaranteeing quality is hard, especially when the artist is new. Currently, buyers are expected to be art professionals themselves, knowing which pieces will have high resale value and which won’t.

It’s a tough market to navigate, and one of the reasons why so many people who would otherwise be interested in buying art, steer clear. But thanks to ARTQUISITE, these problems may be about to come to an end. ARTQUISITE is an art website dedicated to bringing buyers of art and artists together. It wants to transform the experience of the purchasing process, giving power back to customers and enabling them to make informed decisions about what they are buying. The way it does this is twofold.

Firstly, ARTQUISITE isn’t merely a middleman, shuffling pieces of art between sellers and buyers. Instead, it’s more like a curator, using its panel of experts to select pieces of art that it thinks its customers will be interested in. As a result, it says that its always able to guarantee quality, meaning that even inexperienced buyers can snap up a bargain.

Secondly, the website provides extra information about all the work that it sells, thanks to its policy of asking its network of artists to provide explanatory text alongside each of their submissions. There’s a wealth of knowledge available on the site too because the people who are behind it are all art experts in their own right. Customers can grab a newsletter, attend a meetup with real artists and read the site’s many articles on different contemporary art styles.

Purchasing Original Works Online

One of the biggest selling points of ARTQUISITE is the fact that all of the art that it sells is original. Every piece is unique, making the site a premier destination for people with a genuine interest in art, and also providing them with the opportunity to buy something that nobody else will have.

When buyers visit the site, they immediately get an impression of the style of particular artists. As you might expect, each artist has their own unique take on their work. Visitors have all sorts of tools at their disposal, allowing them to choose between drawings, mixed media, paintings, and installations. They’re also able to choose the size as well as price range, depending on their budget, and filter results by each particular artist.

ARTQUISITE hope that their strategy of sourcing fresh artwork from contemporary artists and guaranteeing quality to their customers will expand the buying and selling of art online. Currently the company is courting artists from all over the world and building its base. Already the site offers a broad range of art, but going forwards, thanks to the increasingly global nature of the art market, more artists will inevitably join its network. This, in turn, will mean more choice for customers. Click here to view the collection.

Daniela Ilieva
Address: Munich, Germany
Telephone: 49 152 515 19 116