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Geoinformatics is an upcoming domain but not many are able to pursue their interest in this field. Why is it so? Does the MTech in geoinformatics domain not provide sufficient career opportunities? Surely, this isn’t the case. The flourishing economies clearly indicate otherwise. There is a plethora of opportunities for MTech or MSc in geoinformatics enthusiasts. In fact, don’t be surprised to find positions vacant just because of a talent crunch. But, many a times it is the lack of awareness on the geoinformatics front leads to wrong decisions. Many a times, students are hesitant to take up geoinformatics because they feel there is dearth of options when it comes to pursuing it at the post graduate level.
Symbiosis College in Pune has always emerged as change agents in such situations. In this case too, the Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics is a unique initiative that caters to the aspirants wanting to pursue their interest in Geoinformatics. Their MSC in Pune option at SIG is a comprehensive course that caters to the diverse demands of the geoinformatics domain. Getting into MSC colleges is not an easy job especially if you want to associate with a prestigious brand name like Symbiosis. You will need to sit through multiple exams and a grueling interview session before the MSC colleges let you in. At SIG, there is an emphasis on getting a good pool of students. The entry through SNAP test and the interviews that follow are to ensure that students with genuine interest are allowed admission. However, unlike the other MSC colleges in pune, SIG is able to offer students a highly productive learning environment.
SIG offers other options as well. While the MSC program is for those looking to get to the next level in geoinformatics, there are other programs conducted in SIG. These include PGD in geoinformatics, customized certificate courses, programs that deal with disaster management and a lot more. These programs are to facilitate the learning of those who wish to gain expertise in the Geoinformatics domain. Those showing interest can be from the student community or the professional world as well. Entrance for each of these programs is done in different ways. The other uniqueness of programs being conducted at SIG is their ability to adapt to evolving industry standards. This adaptability is of paramount importance as it determines the true learning of a participant in any geoinformatics program.