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Ceiphers Clothing is a unique brand that remains at the front line of fashion trends. We integrate streetwear with true African culture to create vibrant, distinctive pieces. Influence of African culture dates all the way back to the Triangle Trade in the 16th through 19th centuries. Manufactured goods were traded between countries. Today we are seeing a more positive triangle trade to and from Africa through fashion, music, and art. Africa showcases the beauty of its culture and heritage through afro-centric music and bold, vibrant fashion. Ceiphers Clothing joins the movement by weaving African customs into our products.

Ceiphers Clothing intertwines streetwear with African culture by utilizing bright colors and authentic Kenyan Kitenge fabric. Simple additions create strong statements. We use Kenyan fabric to add small accents to classic clothing, such as dress shirts, pocket t shirts, and hoodies. This creates a vibrant pop of color without being domineering and allows our online clothing to stand out from the rest. The Kenyan Kitenge fabric is also used to create our exceptional bowties. These bowties create a formal feel while showcasing the strength and beauty of the kitenge fabric.

Designs by Ceiphers Clothing also contain symbolism that speaks to African traditions. Designs allude to the Kenyan flag, the Kenyan shield, and the fish of the Luo Tribe. We bring meaning and substance to our clothing while creating strong, beautiful, fashionable items.

Purchasing any item from Ceiphers Clothing is fast and simple. At, you can easily find the piece that you are looking for. Everything is a click away! The Ceiphers online store provides a wide range of choices to ensure that there is something for everyone. Items are neatly organized by category: Men, Women, Hats, Accessories, and Clearance. We provide added savings with online discounts and sales each month. Stay connected with Ceiphers on social media to receive even more savings! Search Ceiphers Clothing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.