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The ongoing pandemic due to COVID has affected various economies and industries. Especially in the emerging economies, where the pace of construction was steady, is facing delay or rejections in delivering of materials due to lockdown. Most construction activities have also been halted and workers are waiting for the pandemic to get under control and begin the incomplete construction. Despite several earlier barriers in the engineering and construction sector like frauds, lack of capital, and more, Covid-19 adds another barrier including interruption in the normal construction and engineering related activities.

Construction membrane is the term used in construction and architecture that refers to roof skins made of specially prepared foils or textile fabrics. They are basically structures for buildings and different constructions to give aesthetic looks. The materials that are commonly used for constructing membranes comprise PTFE-coated glass fabrics, PVC-coated polyester fabrics, and ETFE foils. For special structures and applications, advanced materials and coatings can also be used that offer unique look to the building. Construction membranes provide various benefits to the construction, but the major ones include static structural support and weather protection that communicates with the remaining supporting structure. Since the membrane is a comparatively thin material, it is ideally used for architectural projects, intended to design sophisticated load-bearing structures. The improvements in construction membrane are creating new opportunities in architectural domain. It offers exciting and sophisticated designs to life. Multiple forms are combined with proper use of lighting and objects to make it look striking and memorable.

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The global construction membrane market is a structured market and is largely governed by prominent players such as Serge Ferrari, Heytex Gruppe, Proctor Group Australia, Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH, Sefar AG, Seaman Corporation, HIRAOKA & Co., Ltd., Saint-Gobain, and Naizil Srl, Walki Group Oy, among others.

Companies are focusing on new product developments to expand their product portfolio, increase customer offering, and create healthy market opportunities. For instance, in 2018, Low & Bonar PLC, developed a special blue-colored membrane featuring the color of the club for Volgograd Arena built near the Volga River in Russia. The company provided more than 80,000 sq. m of technical textiles in blue and white color.

“Modern membrane constructions are set to open new opportunities in architecture and will bring more exciting and authentic designs to the market,” said Ankur, Senior Analyst, Building and Construction at MIR.

From a regional perspective, Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the highest CAGR in the coming years due to the rising population coupled with increasing infrastructure. Europe holds the largest share of the construction membrane market. This large segment share can be attributed to the presence of a large number of local players in the region.


By Type

– Polyester Fabric
– Glass Fabric
– ETFE Sheets
– Other Types (Combination of Materials)

By Application

– Tensile Architecture
– Tents & Tarps
– Sun Shading
– Other Applications (Biogas Construction Membrane, Facades, Printing Application, and Acoustic Construction Membrane)


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