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Contact Lenses Market: Information by Wear Type (Daily Disposable Lenses, Disposable Lenses, Frequent Replacement Lenses and Conventional Lenses), by Type (Corrective Lens, Therapeutic Lenses and Cosmetic and Lifestyle Oriented Lens), by Material (Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens, Methacrylate Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens, Gas-Permeable Contact Lens and others), by Design (Spherical Lens, Toric Lens, Multifocal Lens and others) and by Region (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East & Africa) – Forecast till 2025

The Global Contact Lenses Market Trends is expected to register a CAGR of 5.70% to reach USD 12,330.46 Million by 2025.Contact lenses are a boon for many people, no matter they prefer to wear it while going out, during sports activities, or use them as an alternative to glasses. They have different purposes and are suitable for all groups. With time, contact lenses have become more progressed and improved, and such improvements have resulted in a wide variety of lenses that are defined by their uses, life span, and characteristics.

Different Purposes

Contact lenses have different uses- decorative, cosmetic, therapeutic, and optical. Optical lenses are those that are used to correct the vision, therapeutic lenses help in the work of medicines which are used for treating eye conditions, cosmetic lenses help to enhance or change the wearer’s natural eye color and alter the appearance of the eyes, and decorative lenses are colored contacts that are used for fun which comes in various patterns for producing various effects.

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Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses

Contact lenses provide functional benefits over glasses, especially in areas such as work-in humid climate, sports, and occupations where glasses are not compatible and are inconvenient with the equipment utilized, especially headgears. Below are some benefits that contact lenses provide over glasses.

  • Comfortable- First and foremost, contact lenses are more comfortable to wear as these, unlike glasses, do not press or rub against the temple and ears, or pinch the nose. Glasses, on the other hand, slide down the nose during perspiration
  • Unaffected by Weather- The best part about using contact lenses is that these will not fog up during the cold or get splattered during rain. Besides, these will not steam up from perspiration or body heat
  • Peripheral Vision- Contact lenses offer a better and wider peripheral vision compared to glasses. It moves along with the eyes, and the wearer looks through the lens’s clearest part- the optic zone. The frames on the glass, on the contrary, block the wearer’s peripheral vision, and when they move their eyes towards the side, they do not view through the optical center, thereby causing distorted and blurred vision
  • Do not Break Easily- The frames of the glasses are likely to crack or break on a number of occasions. The wearer may fall off their bike, may accidentally slip, or drop it on the ground. During such situations, there is no scope for contact lenses to break. As long as the wearer wears the lenses properly and cares for the same, they will not experience such damage. Though there is a possibility for lenses to tear or break, it is harder to destroy them in comparison to glasses
  • Ideal for Sports and Exercise- No matter the type, exercise, and sports include enough movements. These movements may lead to real slipping annoyance, especially when one wears glasses. Often, these fog up immensely with a minimal amount of sweating. Contact lenses, unlike glasses, move with the wearer perfectly. This way, they can easily focus on completely enjoying their activity or sport. Moreover, they do not fog up or mist while playing games or during a workout
  • Feel More Confident- Often, there are several negative stereotypes about those who wear glasses. Often, they may feel self-conscious or unattractive. Contact lenses are not noticeable; thus, the uneasiness about the need for vision correction disappears. Again, glasses may clash with the wearer’s overall look or outfit. But contact lenses will never detract the wearer from their look or outfit. They will offer style support and vision correction simultaneously
  • Aesthetic Benefits- The good news is, with contact lenses, the wearer can emphasize their natural beauty. Today lenses are available in multiple colors, thus letting the wearer experiment with various eye colors. Moreover, they can also pick transparent lenses for highlighting their natural eye color

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