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Unique initiative aims to help those who have been impacted by an astonishing lockdown due to Covid-19
 A separate webinars will be connected for each school that enrols
 8 hour course split into 4 sessions of two hours each, covers entire content and syllabus of CBSE and ICSE Trigonometry for Std 10
 This unique initiative will be highly productive and advantageous for thousands of students from village and remote areas during lockdown days
 Provides very strong structural framework essential for Trigonometry
 Various concepts like similar triangles, relationship between Sin, Cos, Tan, depression and deviations, complementary angles and their identities and problem solving makes the course more intensive and interesting

Chennai, April 28, 2020: AhaGuru, one of South India’s leading after-school online IIT+JEE+NEET coaching institute, today officially introduced a two month “Free Live Trigonometry Classes” for Std 10 students. The Covid-19 outbreak is a unique and unprecedented scenario for many schools, most schools are looking at finding stop-gap solutions to continue quality teaching for students. To address the gap, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, AhaGuru introduced this unique initiative aims to help those students who have been affected by an unforeseen situation due to Covid-19.

Commenting on the free live classes being offered, Ms. Gomathi, Director, AhaGuru, said, “Class 10 results in India assumes significance and consider to be a deciding factor for every student. Keeping the current challenging situations in mind, our team is working hard to support your studies and assure you the best online teaching and learning experience”.

Interested students / Math teachers, please feel free to connect with us @ +91 9600100090 or mail us @ through their school and register for Free Live Trigonometry Classes.

Post registration, AhaGuru will revert with the confirmation mail which will have a link and a common passcode for the students to attend the live classes from any location. AhaGuru recommend the Math teachers from all the schools also to participate in the session which will be a handy guide for the students to clear their doubts during the live classes.

Many eminent CBSE schools from Chennai have enrolled and started availing free live class for their students since April 2020. AhaGuru is able to reach out to over 19,498 children from around 33 schools in South India who are venturing into Std 10.

Due to the overwhelming responses for its Trigonometry streaming classes from many schools for Std 10, AhaGuru widened its portfolio by bringing “Free Live Electrostatics Lessons” to class 12 students from across South Indian schools recently.

AhaGuru is committed helping trainers provide the best in coaching by offering ongoing training and support. Also, we believe a professional and strategic approach will help make students to reach their potential.

About AhaGuru Education Technology Pvt. Ltd.
AhaGuru is one of South India’s leading after-school online IIT+JEE+NEET coaching institute. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Balaji Sampath & S Gomathi along with a team of experts in teaching as well as years of intensive pedagogical research. AhaGuru’s digitally delivering deep concept aims to identify the potential and skill building in Science and Mathematics that make student’s lives better and ensure not only succeed in school exams but also entrance tests like JEE NEET.

AhaGuru strongly believes in conducting extensive research on student learning gaps to propel innovation and implementation of the best techniques into our content and course design. We have a track record of several state and national toppers every year, expertise in training average students to build their confidence and move towards exceptional levels. More significantly, it has changed the lives of around 80-90% students by clearing a tough exam like JEE, whereas the industry average is less than 20%.

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