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The world as we live in is on the path of deterioration due to uncontrolled human activities. Studies show that 30% of all the animals and a staggering 60% of plant species found on the planet are on the brink of extinction today. Nations across the globe are facing pollution, floods, desertification and food shortage as a direct result of climatic changes.

However, since the last decade, a lot of green initiatives to protect the planet have come into existence through the efforts of dedicated environmentalists. Their projects and researches have unearthed the importance of planting trees, or afforestation to effectively fight climate change. As trees revive the atmosphere through CO2 absorption and O2 release, they help in bringing down carbon emission counts worldwide.

With the increasing awareness about global climate change, more and more brands, corporates and startups are taking baby steps to protect the planet as part of their CSR programs.

With that in mind, Dubai’s favourite self storage company, The Box, has joined hands with Tree-Nation, an online community based out of Barcelona, Spain, who fights climate change through their afforestation campaigns. Tree-Nation urges companies across the globe to ‘take care of their brand by taking care of the planet’ through their afforestation program.

The Box, in line with its values of protecting the environment has taken up an active role in contributing, in collaboration with Tree-Nation. The company is planning to plant a tree for every new storage customers. Each tree planted on behalf of a customer comes with a certificate from Tree-Nation, which The Box sends back to their customers as a token of appreciation. They also share with its members the combined CO2 compensation and the positive impact due to all the trees planted by The Box community.

The Dubai based self storage company vows to make more of such positive change in people’s lives through this and many other initiatives to come.