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Radio Access Network (RAN) is a source of technology that helps individual devices connect with other parts of a network through the medium of radio connections. Mobile data traffic has been increasing in recent years due to the excessive usage of mobile social applications running on smart mobile devices. Moreover, the rapid increase in operating expenditure and energy consumption has also been observed for telecommunication solution. Radio access network solution plays a vital role that can reduce both capital and operating expenditures and also help reduce mobile data traffic.

Key drivers of the radio access network solution market are high presence of smartphones, adoption of advanced technologies for wireless network and increasing investments for wireless equipment solutions and high bandwidth services. Number of smartphone users has increased significantly across the globe, which has led to the creation of a large data network. RAN solutions provide an ultimate solution for mobile network operators (MNO).

Huge capital investments are undertaken by various companies to enable appropriate equipment for wireless communication in order to improve user experience. Demand for high bandwidth solution is rising consistently for multinational enterprises as well as SMEs, which ultimately drives the radio access network solution market, as it helps in providing high bandwidth. Major challenges faced by the radio access network solution market are issues regarding its capacity and latency for networking solutions.

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Moreover, adoption of optical fiber communication solutions poses a major threat for the market. Improvement in accuracy and speed and developing new technologies for expansion of administrative services can create opportunities for the market.