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Alcohol stable dairy ingredients are those ingredients which are primarily derived from dairy products and are suitable to mix with alcoholic products. Alcohol stable dairy ingredients has particular advantages, as these ingredients are alcohol stable up to 18% volume, has longer shelf life without the use of homogenization and are acid stable as well as pH neutral solutions with range of fat and alcoholic content. Alcohol stable dairy ingredients are mostly used in the production of premium cream liqueurs, alcoholic cocktails, flavored alcoholic beverages and fillings for confectionary.

An effective emulsifier such as sodium caseinate is used to make the alcohol stable dairy ingredients. Alcohol stable dairy ingredients are also used in drinks like egg nog, chocolate milk and pumpkin spice latte, which is one of the most important consumer trend all across the beverage industry. Consumer’s interaction with food and beverages product is an ever evolving process, flavor and texture of alcohol stable dairy ingredients has now become a key focus area for the manufacturers across the globe, problems associated with unstable dairy ingredients has also led to the rise of alcohol stable dairy ingredients.

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Alcohol stable Dairy Ingredients Market: Reasons for Covering this Title

The increasing acceptance of alcoholic drinks containing crème bases has led to the formation of alcohol stable dairy ingredients. As per the recent trends, individuals across the region are attracted towards consumption of crème liqueur due to its smooth, rich and luscious taste. Gradually, crème liqueur is dominating the liqueur market especially among the female population as it is a liqueur, which includes alcohol stable dairy ingredients. Owing to demand of consumers for crème liqueur containing alcohol stable dairy ingredients, key players and manufacturers in the industry are focusing towards launching and innovation of new products in the range of crème liqueur, due to which demand for alcohol stable dairy ingredients has also increased.

In 2015, Quintessential Brands Group, which is an international spirit manufacturing and selling company, announced the launch of Feeney’s Irish Cream in U.K. and is produced by the Irish grain whiskey matured for around three years with fresh dairy cream.

Moreover, there is an increasing consumer interest in the Europe region for alcoholic flavored chocolates containing alcohol stable dairy ingredients. Growing demand for alcoholic flavored chocolates and specialty chocolates is found in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and the U.K. among others, due to which manufacturers are attracted towards using alcohol stable dairy ingredients in their products, which leads to growth of the alcohol stable dairy ingredients market. Generally, chocolate and alcohol make a fine pair and mostly preferred alcohol concentrates or flavors for the chocolate industry are rum, whiskey, bourbon, and tequila. These make the finest alcohol flavored chocolates, which in turn driving growth of the market for alcohol stable dairy ingredients and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period.

Opportunities for Market Participants

The rise in globalization has led to the emergence of tourists and tourism in many countries. People from different regions and origins come to explore places and while exploring they come across traditional as well as trending products of the region. As a result, people get attracted towards the products which are not available in their respective countries. Hence, the companies could focus on reaching consumer base in several untapped markets in other regions in order to generate sales and increase revenue for alcohol stable dairy ingredients from developing as well as rural regions. There are several regions, where premium alcohol based products containing alcohol stable dairy ingredients are required and need to be imported from Europe, which would lead to high cost of the premium and best quality products. Thus, companies could focus on manufacturing, expanding, and exporting their products worldwide, resulting in expanding their global presence. Hence, export and penetration of alcohol stable dairy ingredients derived products worldwide coupled with high costs of premium products create an opportunity for manufacturers to operate in untapped markets.

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The global alcohol stable dairy ingredients market has evolved on the backdrop of new product innovations, and is expected to drive the global alcohol stable dairy ingredients market over the forecast period. In the alcohol stable dairy ingredients market Asia Pacific region is estimated to account for the highest CAGR, owing to a greater number of emerging economies in the region.