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Global Talent Mine offers a wonderful opportunity for companies or individuals to advertise their vacancies and to search for candidates for specific positions. It’s a scope to avoid all irrelevant ad responses and search for specific skill sets. This not only saves time, but also helps streamline the process.

Global Talent Mine assures that their packages can be modified according to the demands and desires of the client. The company offers effective solutions in the recruitment process. The company has an expert team which is always ready to assist clients in their numerous needs.

Services Offered by Global Talent Mine:

Career Advice, Guidance and Coaching: The experts at Global Talent Mine are experienced in providing top class career counselling. The company guides individuals in choosing the correct career path, based on his or her skill set. The experts assist individuals in exploring their true inner self and realise what their passions are. They help in boosting the confidence of the candidates as they seek help in their job search.

Psychometric testing is a vital part of their career counselling process. The specialists of their team who take the initiative of carrying on the process have more than twenty years of experience. They make use of a special toolkit named, Career Mapper which helps the candidates identify their own career suitability. It also helps in setting up their employability profile.

HR Consulting: Global Talent Mine assists companies by offering HR consulting services. This helps in reducing the work-load of the HR department. Few of their most important services include interview skills training for hiring managers completely based on competency. They also set up exit interviews after the resignation and payroll outsourcing.

Checking the Candidates: According to the company, checking a candidate before hiring and judging whether the candidate is eligible for the job is the most important function of a company. Global Talent Mine excels in checking the eligibility of the candidates. The different checks that they perform include criminal checks, credit checks, qualification checks and ID verification. They assure their clients that any candidate who passes their checks is fully eligible for jobs in his or her respective field.

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About the Company:
Global Talent Mine helps clients to search for candidates and advertise various vacancies across different industries. Common services offered by the company include reference checking, candidate checks, shortlisting, HR Consultancy and recruitment skills training.

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Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441
Tel: 081 214 7228