Now’s the time for Australian homeowners to join the solar power revolution

With the world on the precipice of rising living costs, it seems there’s never been a better time to save money. One area that often causes friction in homes throughout Australia is rising energy bills. With solar power proving more accessible than ever, has the time for everyone to ditch electricity finally arrived?

When it comes to rolling out solar energy, the Australian government is nothing short of ambitious. Conservative estimates are aiming for 50% of homes to feature solar panels by 2030. Those who take an eager approach to the green market believe that striving for targets as high as 90% is achievable.

But, how is all this set to happen? For many people, solar panel system still remain as expensive and aspirational home assets. They’re certainly not a feature that everyonecan enjoy, right? Wrong.

Thanks to advances in technology, a plethora of manufacturers are choosing to generate panels. Today, solar energy isn’t just feasible for some households; it’s a cost-effective reality for most.

Depending on the state you reside in, you may benefit from either an interest-free loan or a generous government grant. Coupled with the fact that the expansive range of manufacturers are now offering price-friendly solutions, this is an excellent excuse to muscle in on green energy while the going’s good.

Post-installation, there’s still scope for reaping the rewards of your efforts. In a bid to further their targets faster, the government is now directing electricity companies to reimburse solar panel owners for the electricity they don’t use.

But how does that work exactly? Well, it’s referred to as a feed-in tariff and it requires electricity companies to pay you for the energy that reaches their main grids. As a result, not only could your solar power system save you money, it could help you make money too.

If you’re a business owner who wants to know whether they can reap the rewards, there’s excellent news: absolutely! With a growing body of evidence suggesting that Australians are frequently turning towards greener options, installing commercial solar panels has become the golden marketing opportunity that most business owners could only dream of.

What’s even better is the way the government is repeatedly extending its solar panel tax benefits to small businesses. If you have a turnover of less than $2-million, you can write off taxes on assets amounting to less than $20,000.

And, if you’re managing an independent business, you’ll already know how hard it is to compete with the big guys. Being able to curb your overheads with solar panel system means you won’t need to pass rising costs onto your loyal customers, because you’ll already have a little wiggle room in terms of your energy bills.

While all this is excellent news, experts in the field are already warning consumers to steer away from solar panel installers who offer seemingly too good to be true prices. As the saying goes, when you buy cheap, you pay twice. On the other hand, if you grab your chance at cost-saving solar energy while the going’s good, you could defeat rising living costs before they arrive.

In a world where living costs appear to rise consistently, consumers and business owners are always looking for new ways to save money. Solar energy is far from a new technology. But, it’s never been more accessible to everyday individuals. With grants and tax rebates available, investing in solar panels is proving to be cost-effective in more ways than one. And, they’re becoming increasingly more reliable, making them an excellent avenue for those who want to brighten their financial future. If you’re yet to harness the sun’s power in a way that’ll benefit your household for the foreseeable future, now’s your chance to see why doing so sooner rather than later is to everyone’s benefit.

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