ZENEC ZE-RVSC200: Twin Lens Rear-view Camera for Motorhomes

Multimedia specialist ZENEC (http://www.zenec.com/) has added a new rear-view camera to its range of accessories. The ZE-RVSC200 has been specially developed for use in partially and fully integrated motorhomes. The practical features make this a convincing camera unit.
This very compact ZE-RVSC200 is designed as a twin lens model having two camera modules with different angles of view. In the upper part of the camera housing is Cam1 (45° horizontal angle of view), which primarily does the job of an interior rear view mirror. The lower camera lens Cam2 (100° horizontal angle of view is mainly intended for backing up. It records what is to the rear of the motorhome within a range of up to 5 meters, which can be individually set. Cam2 is supported by the built-in microphone and the IR-LED night illumination system.
ZENEC’s rear-view camera is equipped with sensitive CMOS sensors. Impressive for their low noise, they produce very high-contrast images. The high resolution – 680 x 512 pixels – and high light sensitivity of 0.5 lux enable an optimum image to be obtained even in poor light conditions. Cam2 has powerful night vision IR-LEDs with dynamic LDR brightness control. The area to the rear of the motorhome is illuminated well by the LEDs, for excellent visibility of objects in the dark.
Being a plastic injection molding, the housing of the ZE-RVSC200 is corrosion resistant. Together with the clever construction in accordance with protection rating IP69K, the use of high quality materials ensures high resistance to weather and a long service life.
Equipped with a fast-mount click attachment and a 3-part separable system cable with 17-meter main cable length, ZENEC’s rear-view camera offers a very flexible mounting arrangement. The ZE-RVSC200 set also comes with two special adapter cables. Motorhomes with factory routed DOMETIC/WAECO main system cable can be interfaced using the provided adaptors – avoiding the need to lay a new main cable.
The ZE-RVSC200 is compatible with all monitors and 2-DIN moniceivers and naviceivers having two camera inputs (RCA); devices with only one camera input will additionally need an optional camera switch.