Beachcomber Hot Tubs: Water Care Tips From The Pros

Chartham, Nr. Canterbury, Kent – Homeowners in Kent know that choosing to get Beachcomber Hot Tubs installed is a major investment. The team at Kent Sectional Buildings will assist in the installation and move in of the tub, but the care and maintenance are on the shoulders of the owner. “If you do not put in enough effort to clean and care for your hot tub, they will not last long. Even if they are hot tubs from the best brands,” warns one of the professionals who specialises in hot tub installation.

As a way to help new Beachcomber hot tubs owners get ready for the extra responsibility the tub brings, here as some tips that experts so kindly offer:

All hot tub owners must remember that maintaining the chemical balance inside the tub is necessary and probably also vital. “Chlorine and bromine are very common chemicals used to keep the water safe and clear, but it can also be dangerous in high quantities,” says the expert.

“If you notice that there is a strong chemical smell from the tub, do not use it,” they add. “The best thing to do is to wait it out. Never add more chemicals and just let the tub go unused for at least 24 hours because the chemical levels will naturally decrease as time passes,” the company representative explains in detail. “Otherwise, if you cannot wait, you can also add fresh water into the tub to dilute the chemicals faster.”

The second suggestion is still fairly risky and if you or other users start to feel uncomfortable inside the hot tub, it is best to leave and rinse off immediately. “Symptoms like skin irritation and stinging eyes indicate that the chemical levels are still too strong and it must be washed off from the body to avoid any bodily harm,” advises another hot tub installer from Kent Sectional.

“When leaving the home for the holidays it is best to treat the hot tub water with sanitizer. The use of Beachcomber’s Care Free Program will ensure the water inside the tub will not become cloudy, even if you have been away for a few weeks,” the company representative says.

“There are products specifically manufactured to help hot tub owners maintain the water with minimal effort. Make sure to ask one of our staff members for this treatment package if you are interested,” a company representative adds to the professional installer’s statement.

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