ZEDXE – Latest Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development by Antier

17th Oct 2018: ZedXe, a cryptocurrency exchange platform was launched in Dubai on 15th Oct 2018 with its first transaction being happened. The digital assets platform is developed for everyone who wants to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
ZedXe exchange facilitates buy, sell, transfer and exchange of the ZFL token with other blockchain-based coins and tokens. In addition to this, integration of traditional assets including FIAT currencies, stocks, CFDs, commodities will certainly add great value to the cryptocurrency exchange platform development.

Why Choose ZedXe Exchange for Cryptocurrency Trading?
The exchange is one of the most powerful engines among cryptocurrency exchange platforms
Lower trading fees when making a payment with ZFL token
Highly secure, scalable and fully encrypted transactions
Simple, interactive and reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the market
Quick KYC and withdrawals
No order delaying

ZedXe will allow platform users to enhance efficiency, error reduction, time savings and straight-through processing without any intermediaries and with Artificial Intelligence management tools. Some of the outstanding features of ZedXe include:
Margin trading
Digital assets trading
Forex and another traditional assets trading

Liquidity pools with daily ROI returns and bi-monthly withdrawals
The ZedXe cryptocurrency exchange platform was fully developed from scratch by the highly experienced and skilled team of Antier Solutions. From the last 15 years, Antier has been offering IT services like application development, cryptocurrency exchange development, website hosting, ICO development and customized software development. In addition to these services, we also offer brand development, multimedia presentations and marketing products.

Over a period of time, we have spread our offerings to blockchain solutions – new coin development, ICO development, cryptocurrency exchange development and blockchain solutions for the enterprise.

If you are interested to know more about our blockchain solutions and the methodology we follow to carry out the exchange development process, schedule a demo with our blockchain experts.