Pro Tips On How To Package Your China And Porcelain For Shipping

Newport, Essex – Porcelain pieces are very delicate and also highly valuable. Whether you are moving your amazing China collection because you are relocating or you are selling these pieces to interested collectors all over the world, there is one important matter: proper packaging techniques.

If these very fragile items aren’t packed correctly there is a high certainty that they will get damaged during the shipping process. Of course, there is always hope because china restoration done by professionals like those at Bradshaw Ceramic Restoration will make every item look like the original, it is best to avoid such need in the first place. The kind and helpful porcelain restoration experts have compiled the following tips to help you package your China the right way:

“Bubble wrap is your best friend,” says one of the experts kindly. “Make sure you wrap each piece with the safety wrapper three to five times to ensure it is secured properly,” they advise. “Be sure to place bubble wrap in between open spaces as these areas are extra vulnerable and can easily break or crack under pressure. Adding the bubble wrap gives it an extra level of cushion and support.” They end their first tip.

To test the wrapping if it is thick enough, gently press the surface of the China. If you can still feel the surface while pressing down, add more layers until the surface cannot be felt, even when you are applying a few pounds of pressure. “Make sure to pay close attention to sharp corners, these will require more layers as they can easily puncture the bubble wrap.” Another China restoration expert chimes in.

“Add safety using packing peanuts.” The experts agree. “Even if the item is already secure inside the many layers of bubble wrap, it is still very vulnerable and should never be placed inside a box without packing peanuts,” they warn.

“The addition of the packing peanuts ensure that there is enough cushion surrounding the China that even when the box gets compromised during shipping the piece will stay protected,” they offer as an explanation.

“The packing peanuts will also prevent the item from moving around too much inside the box when it is being transported. The less it is able to move, the less damage it will be exposed to,” the experts add. So, don’t be shy, be very generous and pack the box with enough packing peanuts to secure it for shipping.

However, there are still several instances where the porcelain pieces still get damaged along the way. This can be infuriating for collectors, but thankfully there are porcelain restoration experts at Bradshaw Ceramic Restoration who will work hard to ensure the pieces look exactly as they were before sustaining any damage.

“I was sad and heartbroken to find my shipment of porcelain jars cracked upon receiving them, but thankfully the team at Bradshaw Ceramic was able to fully restore its beauty. I couldn’t even tell there were cracks,” comments a very happy and satisfied customer.

“Let us handle the cracks, chips, and other signs of damage on your pieces. And you too will agree that our restoration work is unmatched,” says the company representative.

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