How to Choose Wedding Headpieces

Do you know what kind of headpieces you like best or suit you best? Tiara, headband, head wreath, hat… Let’s first have a closer look at these diverse headpieces.

Tiara is a beaded or jeweled semi-circle that sits on the top of the head. It’s warmly welcomed by the brides who dream of a princess look at their weddings. Among those styles of headpieces, the tiara is the most versatile one. It looks well with long hair, short hair, up-dos… almost all hairstyles.

A bridal hair headband( is a band of fabric or metal extending from one side of the head to the other side. The wedding hair headband( gives a quiet and graceful look. A narrow and delicately jeweled or beaded headband is best for short hair or an updo, and a wider satin or silk band goes well with long flowing hair.

Headwreath is a floral or jeweled circle that wraps around the head. Brides always wear it to produce a natural, fairy-tale feeling. It’s perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding. Just keep in mind that a head wreath doesn’t match an updo.

Barrette and comb
A barrette or a comb featuring crystals, beads or pearls is fastened to the side or the back of the head. Simple or exquisite, they give a classy and contemporary look. It suits short hair and up-dos very well.

A wedding hat from a pill box to a wide-brimmed one is certain to offer a stylish and sassy look; it shows the unique taste and flair of the bride. A small fitted hat flatters the short hair and an updo, while a big one looks best on flowing long hair.

As the most common and traditional form of wedding headpieces, a veil comes in different lengths and designs. Vintage, chic, noble, romantic, whatever flavor you prefer, a veil could satisfy you. It’s always fastened on the head with other headpieces like tiara and headband.

Now it’s time to think over the influences.

Keep the styling of your headpiece in line with the bridal gown you’ve selected. The headpiece is to complement your wedding dress and your overall beauty. Don’t let it be over toned or too brightly colored as it may draw all the attention away from your face. When trying on headpieces, you’d better wear your wedding dress or some fine dresses that gain a little touch of your wedding dress. You need to put the headpiece and the gown together to get an overall effect.

A suitable headpiece should accentuate certain facial features of the bride. If you have a round face or you want to give your face a lengthened look, try headpieces with long and slim lines. A tiara with some height or has a peak in the center, a barrette or comb with vertical branches, and a narrow headband on an updo – here we get three good options. On the other hand, for a bride who has a long thin face, you can try to make a more round look by wearing a low wreath, a wider tiara or a brimmed hat.

Now you know better about how to choose the most suitable headpiece to complete your bridal ensemble. Go and find the one with all the ideas in your mind. Good luck and congratulations on your big day!