The Social Golfer Is the Fastest-Growing Online Golf Club

The Social Golfer was founded by a group of web developers based in Kent back in 2007 and was later taken over by member and Essex based golfer Ian Mullins in 2010 following his involvement in their marketing of the site. Today it is the fastest-growing golf club in the UK with over 1000 events been organised via the site each year.
Ian and his team (mostly site members and volunteers) is run by people who are not just passionate about talking about golf but even more passionate about getting out there and playing the game.
Despite there being many online platforms available on which to connect with people, Mullins says… “The Social Golfer is a ‘real’ social network, where you actually leave your PC and get out and meet people and, of course, play more golf!”
“We believe that golfers should be able to play anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of whether they belong to a golf club or not” continued Mullins. “The site is designed to be fun, engaging, easy to navigate, informal, and free from stuffy old-fashioned outdated attitudes, whilst at the same time always respectful of the rules of the game and the spirit in which it should be played!”
The website has a list of posted golf events which are available for members to play. These are arranged in date order and many of them are in the Home Counties, although the club has members spread through the whole of the UK. If members find that there is not a game that is local, within reasonable travelling distance, or at a time which suits them, they can post a game of their own and invite other members to join them.
As a member of ‘The Social Golfer’ golf community you can also locate golf courses throughout the world and read reviews of them either by other members or independent golfers who have played a particular course. So, for instance, if you are holidaying in Portugal and want to know what courses are near to where you are staying and find some opinions about them, you can do that with a click or two of your ‘mouse’.
The Social Golfer also has partnerships with golf clubs in the Home Counties that offer special deals for members so that they can play new courses at a discount. There are more than 40+ courses in and around London where you receive these discounted tee times, 22 Crown Golf course included.
In addition, the club has polo shirts, baseball caps, and tri-fold towels for sale to members, all sporting the TSG team colours and organised FOUR official site Major each year – attended by more than 200 members every year.
Perhaps one of the best things about The Social Golfer is that it is free to join. There is also a PRO membership that provides even more advantages including a FREE round of golf worth up to £35 at a Crown course, a bargain given that the annual PRO membership is less than £30 a year to join.