Treatment of Blood Cancer with ELA Cancer

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Blood cancer affects the production or function of blood cells. Most of the blood cancers begin in the bone marrow where the blood is produced. This type of cancer can be hard to spot but many warning signs are vague and could be caused by various things.

Types of Blood Cancer:

There are three types of Blood Cancer:-

-Leukemia – This type of cancer is developed due to the rapid production of abnormal blood cells in our bone marrow. These abnormal blood cells can infect the ability of a bone marrow to create red blood cells and platelets.

-Lymphoma – This type of blood cancer infects the lymphatic system, which is responsible of excess fluids from your body and build immune cells. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells (WBC) that fights infection. These type of White Blood Cell become Lymphoma cells that grows fractiously in your lymph nodes and other tissues.

-Myeloma – This type of blood cancer affects our plasma cells, which are WBC which are responsible of antibodies fighting disease in the body. Myeloma infects the production of plasma cells which results in a weak immune system.

Causes of blood Cancer:-

Blood cancer is caused due to various factors, however the specific factor is yet unknown.
Different factors are associated with its onset. Some of the causes developing blood cancer are Aging, family history, weak immune system and Certain infections.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer:-

Some common blood cancer symptoms include:
-Persistent fatigue and weakness
-Loss of appetite and nausea
-Unexplained weight loss
-Night sweats
-Bone/joint pain
-Abdominal discomfort
-Shortness of breath
-Frequent infections
-Itchy skin or skin rash
-Swollen lymph nodes in the neck, underarms, groin

Prevention of Blood Cancer:-

Blood cancer can be prevent by the regular screening of cancer which can assist in identifying the life threatening situation in its initial stage. The blood cancer can lubricate its complete cure by timely removal of precancerous growth.

-Maintain a balanced diet
-Adopt a healthy lifestyle
-Follow all the essential safety measures
-Avoid radiations

Treatment of Blood Cancer:-

The primary objective of blood cancer treatment is the complete removal of cancer. Various therapies of blood cancer are:-

-Biological therapy
-Bone Marrow Transplantation – This transplantation is typically a procedure to replace damaged/destroyed bone marrow with other healthy bone marrow stem cell. Ela Cancer will help you get the best guidance from the community of cancer.
-Department of Haemato-oncology is devoted to improve the outlook for all the patients with Myeloma by developing novel therapeutic access based on a sound knowledge of the biology of the disease.
-ElaCancer help you connect the highly specialised team comprising of Haemato-oncologists and radiation oncologists provide state of the art treatment for various cancers like lymphomas, leukemia and multiple myelomas.

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