Easily Integrate PHP API Without Any Extra Effort

The most popular PHP SMS Gateway Integration is the HTTP to SMS API. This will help you to integrate the PHP API without giving much effort or facing complexities. This is also known as RESTful API. It makes use of the query parameters that are simple with the help of the URL. The providers generally encourage the users to POST requests.

Step by step process

This is in response to the fact that the clients mainly submit the request to the server of the SMS provider. The PHP scripting language is needed to put up together the Web Page while you are sending the SMS. The PHP SMS Gateway Integration is right now the most effective form of the integration for sending the bulk SMS.

If you want to integrate PHP, you need to follow the simple steps:

First of all, you need to sign up in the bulkSMS.com.

From the ‘Products’ tab, you need to select the option called ‘SMS API’s.’

From there, you need to pick up the SMS API PHP code sample. After that, you need to download the code sample in your desktop or laptop. There is much pre-written code sample that you can download.

After that, you need to open a sample of code. Now, after opening the sample code, you need to change username and password. You need to change username and password by using the variable credentials. Using these credentials, you need to register your account.

After registering, you need to enter all those mobile numbers where you need to deliver the message. You can change the entire MSISDN variable that you need to send the message.

After that, you need to start running the script from the software or application. As test running, you will get the chance to send SMS to three numbers. If the SMS is submitted successfully, then you can now proceed to send it to the bulk of the registered number.

Since you have incorporated the Bulk SMS API In PHP code into your application, you can change the assortments of the messages to send 7bit, 8bit and 16bit messages as wanted. Note that you need to utilize the one required for your particular kind of messages. The capacities that you won’t use ought to be expelled from the content. On the off chance that you just require 7bit message you should expel the $unicode_msg variable and additionally the $eight_bit_msg variable. You ought to likewise evacuate the code for sending the Unicode message and the 8-bit message.

The SMS gateway will ideally select up to more than 800 mobile networks to send the SMS. Referring to the above steps, you can conclude that it is straightforward and straightforward to integrate the PHP API to the SMS gateway.