“Metal Packaging Share, Industry Size, Manufacturers, Research Review till 2025”

The report studies and describes the Metal Packaging in terms of volume and value. The market volume is provided in terms of thousands of units; whereas the value for the market is provided in terms of USD million from 2018-2024. The geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa) focusing on key countries in each region. It also covers market drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and key issues in Global Metal Packaging market.

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The global rise in income and on-the-go mode have escalated the demand for canned food and beverages. canned foods provide the advantages of the year-round handiness of seasonal harvestable food, that gets wasted beneath improper preservation techniques. as an example, in the U.S., almost 500th of the harvestable food is wasted, which may be created out there to consumers year-round. furthermore, the demand for canned foods merchandise is anticipated to extend throughout the forecast amount because of a rise in the food crisis and deficiency disease in regions like Africa.

Bisphenol A or phthalates square measure utilized within the lining of cans to prevent metal corrosion and breakages, protective the food within. Intake of canned soups and food leads to consumption of upper concentration of BPA than canned vegetable and fruits, that successively will increase the estrogen level in humans, leading to serious health issues.

The rise in demand for food has triggered the metal will manufacturers to take a position in style and manufacturing technologies, that is anticipated to spice up the market growth in returning years.
For instance, Ball Corporation has revolutionized the spray can in consumer merchandise with its ReAL spray can technology, that utilizes recycled aluminum to form a metal alloy that exhibits hyperbolic strength in instrumentation while not touching package integrity.

Global Metal Packaging report covers top players like,
• Aerocan
• Afon Tinplate Co Ltd
• Anchor Glass
• Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
• Arcelormittal Packaging Europe
• Ardagh Group
• Auchan
• Ball Corporation
• Baosteel Packaging
• Bericap UK Ltd
• Berry Plastics Group, Inc.
• Boxal
• BWAY Corporation
• Caldicot Metal Decorating Ltd
• Canadean
• CCL Industries
• Central Tin Containers Ltd
• China Metal Packaging Group Company Ltd
• Clarcor Inc.
• Colep
• CPMC Holdings Ltd.
• Crown Holdings, Inc
• Cyril Luff Ltd
• Emballator Packaging Ltd
• Envases (UK) Ltd
• Glass Container Acquisition LLC
• Greif Inc.
• Gruppo Asa
• Guala Closures group
• Heineken N.V.
• Hindustan Tin Works Ltd
• Hoe Chong Tin Pte Ltd.
• HUBER Packaging Group GmbH
• Hydro Aluminium
• J K Powell Ltd
• KBA MetalPrint GmbH
• Kingcan Holdings Ltd.
• KPS Capital Partners, LP
• Leone Industries
• Magnaparva Packaging
• Manaksia Limited
• Massilly Group
• Metal Closures Ltd
• Metal Container Corp.
• MillerCoors LLC
• Mivisa Envases
• Montagu Private Equity
• Novelis Inc.
• P Wilkinson Containers Ltd
• Parliament International Ltd
• PepsiCo Inc
• Petrobras
• PPG Industries
• Rexam, PLC
• RLM Packaging Ltd
• Roba Metals Ltd
• Roberts Metal Packaging Ltd
• SABMiller plc
• Sarten Ambalai
• Silgan Holdings Inc.
• Sonoco
• Soudronic AG
• Stolle Europe Ltd
• Superior Multi-Packaging, Ltd.
• Sure-Can Ltd
• Tata Steel Packaging
• The Coca-Cola Company
• The Valspar (UK) Corporation Ltd
• ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein
• Tinplaste Company of India
• Tinware Direct Ltd
• Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Ltd.
• TriMas Corp.Microsoft Corp.
• Tubettificio
• S Steel Kosice
• Unilever N.V.
• United Arab Can Manufacturing Limited
• United Closures & Plastics Ltd
• Verallia North America
• William Say & Co Ltd
• Other
Global Metal Packaging by Product Type,
• Cans
• Caps & Closures
• Drums & Barrels
• Others
Global Metal Packaging by Application,
• Beverages
• Food
• Personal Care
• Healthcare
• Others
Global Metal Packaging by Region,
• North America
• U.S.
• Mexico
• Canada
• Europe
• UK
• France
• Germany
• Asia Pacific
• China
• Japan
• India
• Latin America
• Brazil
• The Middle East and Africa

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