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The Utah-based security and fire protection company helps homeowners remain safe from fire hazards with fire sprinkler systems from various credible brands.

[SALT LAKE CITY, 09/06/2018] — Certified Fire & Security, a fire and security protection company, offers superior quality sprinkler systems to keep residential properties safe from fire hazards.

“We are a company that truly cares about your safety, so we take extra measures to give you access to the fire prevention solutions that are perfect for your residential or commercial property,” Certified Fire & Security says.

A Range of Sprinkler System 

Homeowners can choose a sprinkler system from a variety of options depending on the needs and type of their property. Certified Fire & Security has conventional wet pipe sprinkler systems that instantly activate when a fire breaks out.

Another option that homeowners can choose is the pre-action fire sprinklers. According to Certified Fire & Security, these types of sprinklers respond quickly to the first sign of fire.

The company has worked with numerous dependable brands. It adds, “We are partnered with the most trusted brands with the best rated products in the country which allows us to offer you the fire alarm system best suited to fit your needs.”

A Reliable Solution

Certified Fire & Security performs complete sprinkler solutions in residential properties, which include installation and maintenance. The team of fire sprinkler contractors upgrades existing fire prevention systems as well.

Its technicians are state-licensed and factory trained, giving it the capabilities to meet systems specifications and industry standards.

“We pay great attention to your budget and give the best value for your money,” explains Certified Fire & Security. “You can be sure that you will get the most appropriate system at a fair price.”

About Certified Fire & Security

Certified Fire & Security, established in 2002, is one of the leading home security and fire protection sources in Utah. The company has obtained training and license from five states and provides products and services that meet the National Fire Protection Association code.

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